Attorney Bio

Dan Landers

Attorney Bio:

Dan Landers began practicing law in south Georgia in 1981 in a litigation practice. Mr. Landers and another lawyer founded a defense litigation firm which represented insurance companies and their insureds, large corporations and governmental entities and agencies. This included the defense of trucking companies, manufacturers, hospitals and doctors, and other similar entities. Through many years of trying cases for these clients and negotiating on their behalf, Mr. Landers gained insight into the priorities, strategies and tactics of the defense of civil litigation. “Jumping the fence,” those insights have now been applied to advance the causes of individuals, rather than insurance companies and large corporations.

In 1993 Mr. Landers left the firm he helped start in order to represent “ordinary folks” and has found it to be much more satisfying for the past 15 years. Mr. Landers once represented insurers such as State Farm, Farm Bureau, Aetna, Travelers, AIG, Auto Owners and many others. Now he represents people who have claims against these companies for injuries or damages caused by carelessness or, in some cases, fraud or intentional wrong.

Likewise, in the area of bankruptcy law, Mr. Landers formerly represented lenders such as GMAC, Chrysler Credit Corp. and NationsBank in both consumer bankruptcies and in commercial lending disputes. Now Mr. Landers is an advocate for those people and families who find themselves unable to pay all their bills, often through unforeseen job loss or disability, and need to seek relief and protection through the bankruptcy laws and courts.


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